MED Senior Games

What are the MED Senior Games

The MED Senior Games is an international multi-sport event held every 2 years, with the aim to attract thousands of athletes and companions, from all over the world, to meet, socialize, and compete in exciting sports competitions.
The Games are promoted by the International Sport Cooperation Group (I.S.CO.G), a non-profit association whose basic philosophy is to encourage the practice of sport among mature people, in the awareness that competitive sports can be practiced at any age, with great health benefits.
The MED Senior Games can only be hosted among the 24 countries bordering the Mediterranean basin, but all athletes in the world can participate, without distinction of gender, race, language, social conditions, religion, and political opinions.
The Games are a real “sports festival” where every athlete represents himself and participates for several reasons, with competitive levels between élite and sports club standards, but always in a competitive mood, and the pleasure of feeling some adrenaline on himself.
No professional teams are allowed, and a single athlete who wants to participate in a team sport can register for the event. In fact, teams can be made up of athletes of different nationalities and origins, if they belong to the same age categories.

MED Senior Games Value and Philosophy

The values that MED Senior Games would like to transmit can be framed in the enormous potential of sport practiced as a tool to acquire well-being and health, to battle the trends of the time (fight against doping), to obtain models of style and correct behavior, capable of developing respect for nature, the basis for a real environmental culture, with particular attention to art, taste, a healthy diet, culture, internationality and social solidarity.

Who can participate

In the MED Senior Games can participate all people, who are at least 30 years old, with the exceptions of some sports and without limits for the maximum age. Regardless sport performance, participants can be ex world champions or olympics, national representatives, club athletes or sportsmen at club level, sunday sportsmen, all however motivated to practice sport without any goal aimed to achieving an absolute result as for the simple pure desire to “do sport and compare”.

The Masters/Senior athlete participates in the competitions in his own age group, without qualification restrictions, by paying a registration fee and bearing all expenses in the country hosting the event (hotel, transport, food, etc.)

The only mandatory requirement to be respected is to have a medical-sports certificate that confirms the eligibility for competitive sports practice.

MED Senior Games
Genoa 2022

Genoa, the most beautiful seaside town in Italy, will host from 6 to 19 June 2022 the first edition of the MED Senior Games, the Games for athletes aged between 35 and 100+ years.
The event, strongly required by Liguria Region, City of Genoa, and Metropolitan City, will involve many athletes and fans from all over the world.
The purpose of this great sportive happening, involving many nations, will be to raise awareness on the themes on which the Games will be based, particularly on food education, sports values interpreted as a life philosophy, doing sport is good for health.
Genova will do its best to welcome with great participation, courtesy, and enthusiasm the many Seniors who will meet in June 2022 in the City, offering them a wide sports program, to engage themselves in passionate competitive challenges, and satisfy all their expectations both tourist and cultural.