General Rules

I acknowledge and accept that before my request to participate in the Games, which will be examined by MED Senior Games Liguria 2022, I must abide by the following terms and conditions of admission. I acknowledge and accept that these terms and conditions may not be amended. I acknowledge and accept that if my request to participate in the Games is accepted, I will participate in the Games and in the associated activities at my own risk and that the organization reserves the right to modify any aspect of the activities at the Games at any moment and for any purpose whatsoever. Such modifications may include but are not limited to, changes or cancellations of the sports, events, or age groups and/or the reprogramming of one of the activities at the Games. I recognize and accept that I will not be entitled to assert any claims against O.C. for any damages incurred by me as a result of such modifications.


For the purpose of these terms and conditions:

Claim’ shall designate and include any action, lawsuit, proceedings, claim, request, damages, costs, or expenses howsoever they arise that includes but is not limited to negligence.

Games’ shall refer to the Senior MED Games 2022.

Games Activities’ shall refer to participation in any capacity whatsoever in any sport authorized or recognized at/by the Games, in the associated events or activities.

Images’ shall refer to any photos or electronic images and/or recordings.

Organisation or O.C.’ shall refer to the Organising Committee.

Rules’ shall refer to the rules, regulations, and policies of JGE and the rules of the sports governing any activity at the games in which I participate as modified from time to time. 

Third Parties’, whenever there is a transition between two or more persons or entities, shall refer to any other person or entity not directly related to the operation but who/which may be affected by it.

WADA’ shall refer to the World Anti-doping Agency.

MSG’ shall refer to the MED Senior Games Liguria 2022.


My request to participate in the Games may be accepted by O.C. as it sees fit. In particular:

(a) I acknowledge that the closing date for registrations for the games falls on 15 May 2022 and that if my application arrives incomplete and/or after said date I am aware of the fact that my application will not be accepted.

(b) I am aware that some sports may have a maximum number of participants and that O.C. reserves the right to accept applications in the order they are received, up to a maximum number of possible registrations. Furthermore, I recognize that if an insufficient number of applications/registrations is received, groups of persons may be grouped together, and/or sports/disciplines may be declared void and/or canceled. The organization and other competent authorities reserve the right to change the dates, times, and venues of the sports as a result of unforeseen circumstances that include, but are not limited to, instances of force majeure, any security measures, or organizational requirements.

The O.C. assumes no liability whatsoever for omissions or default, non-compliance, negligence, or otherwise, for any third-party suppliers, airline companies, bus operators, shipping companies, hoteliers or other entities that provide services in relation to the accommodation package.


I declare that I am medically and physically fit and able to participate in the Games and in the associated activities.

All participants:

a) must have a currently valid (1 year) medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports in English or French (for Italian athletes in Italian of course)

The medical examinations needed (ex D.M. 18 Febbraio 1982) to obtain a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports added in MED Senior Games Liguria 2022 sports programs are:

  • Medical-sports check-up;
  • A regular urine test;
  • Electrocardiogram both at rest and exercise;
  • Spirometry (breathing test)

b) will be able to draw up a personal insurance policy for medical assistance and against accidents. This policy is not mandatory but recommended. The Organizing Committee will have insurance coverage in case of injuries during competitions, for athletes, companions and staff duly accredited. The Organizing Committee will not cover any other damage or injury outside of competitions and training.

Exceptions to the above:

  • All participants who are in possession of the EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card). Info on the website
  • All participants in possession of a tourist visa have had to take out an insurance policy with coverage for hospital and repatriation expenses.
  • All participants in possession of family policies extendable to sportsmen.

The presentation of the documents referred to the above point (a) is an indispensable element for admission to competitions, while the documents referred to point (b) are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

Those who do not have a valid medical certificate of competitive sports fitness at the moment of accreditation will be unequivocally excluded from participation in the MED Senior Games Liguria 2022, definitively waiving any form of reimbursement of expenses already incurred for any reason.

For some sports disciplines, non-members will have the opportunity to register on-site (in compliance with Italian laws and Federal regulations), before presenting themselves for accreditation, provided that they present a medical certificate of competitive sports fitness and, recommended, a personal insurance policy against accidents.


I recognize and accept that if I suffer an accident or fall ill during my participation in the activities at the Games, I will be personally responsible for all the expenses incurred following such an accident or illness, including the costs of transport, admission to hospital, medical treatment or any other related service or treatment performed or administered.


I agree to abide by the rules and all the written and/or oral instructions that may be issued or provided by the organization from time to time. I acknowledge and accept that if I am unable to abide by the rules or the instructions given by the organization, I may be disqualified from the Games or from any activities at the Games. I agree, at all times, to participate in the Games in a spirit of fair play, sportsmanship and I shall not behave in a way that is detrimental to the good order, reputation, safety, or discipline of the games or the organization.


The activities at the games may be intrinsically dangerous. I acknowledge that I have been exposed to certain risks during the activities at the games that include but are not limited to the explicit list below:  (a) I may be injured, changed, mutilated, or killed either physically or mentally;

(b) the other participants may act dangerously or with a lack of skill; (c) the conditions may be dangerous and/or change without prior notice and in an unforeseen manner; (d) the promoters, officials, owners and managers of the venues and the agents or representatives of each of them may be obliged to take decisions because of the weather and/or events; (e) every insurance policy insuring my health or life may be canceled; (f) my property may be damaged, lost or destroyed.

I have read and understood this warning and accept and assume the risks inherent in participation in the activities related to the Games.


I acknowledge that the registration fee paid by me does not include personal accident insurance. I acknowledge that the organization or any other sports organization (whether at a state, national or international level) assisting in the organization and management of the event has not assumed any responsibility for approval nor offered any advice regarding the scope or suitability of any insurance policy that I may take out.

8. AGE

I agree to observe the prescribed age limit as indicated on the registration form. I agree to furnish photographic proof in relation to my age when invited to do so by O.C. or its staff.


The use of substances and methods prohibited during the Games is strictly forbidden.


I acknowledge and accept that photographs may be taken of me during my participation in any of the activities at the Games. I recognize and accept that such images are the property of the organization and that the organization may publish, reproduce, modify and otherwise use (and even authorize third parties to do so) the image for promotional purposes or for any other purposes (including, but not limited to, art, advertising, commerce, visual documentaries, merchandising or television coverage) without the need to obtain any further consent from me. All the persons participating in the games accept, without any consideration being paid, that their own voice, images, and photos may be broadcast live or in a pre-recorded version or in any other form whatsoever and used by the mass media present. The persons participating in the games may not record or broadcast any sound, images, comments, results, and/or statistics on the games except for personal/private use. The publication/broadcast of any audio, video, declaration, results or games statistics is severely prohibited.

In addition, I provide my consent for the organization to use my name, my image, and even my performance in the activities at the Games, at any moment, howsoever disclosed, in order to promote the organization and/or the Games. Furthermore, I recognize and accept that I shall not reproduce the logo of the Games or use the words MED Senior Games Liguria 2022  or any variant thereof on any kind of merchandise, promotional material, personal or team clothing, stationery, or other product without permission.


Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of full payment for the services booked at OC.

Any extra bank transfer fees will be charged to the customer.


All requests for reimbursements must be submitted in writing no later than the 31st March 2022, with the obligation to send the medical certificate to certify the impediment.

An administrative fee amounting to €20.00 will be deducted from the reimbursement. I acknowledge and accept that any reimbursements granted to me will take place at the sole discretion of.

After 15th May 2022, no reimbursement requests will be refunded.

In case of the complete cancellation of the sporting discipline for which the registration was performed, only the associated registration fee and any accommodation fee included in the package will be reimbursed.

Participants are not entitled to reimbursement of their fees if they have been disqualified following a violation of these competition rules or in relation to anti-doping.


If I appoint a third party to participate in the Games, I warrant that I am expressly authorized to complete this item on behalf of the third party I am appointing. Furthermore, I warrant that:

(a) the third party has authorized me to accept the terms and conditions of admission laid down by O.C., including the application of all of the O.C. rules and policies pertaining to privacy as amended from time to time, on their behalf;

(b) I undertake to furnish a copy of these terms and conditions to the Third Party once this registration process has been completed.


The O.C.  does not accept any liability of whatever nature for the act, omissions or default, non-fulfillment, whether negligent or otherwise, of any third party suppliers such as airlines, coach operators, shipping companies, hoteliers, or other persons providing services in connection with your accommodation package.

O.C. will not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused, directly or indirectly, by force majeure or other events which are beyond its control, or which are not predictable including, but not limited to war, civil disturbance, fires, floods, unusually severe weather conditions, acts of God, acts of government or any other authorities, accidents to or failure of equipment or machinery or industrial action.


These Terms and Conditions and the related regulations are governed by the laws of the Republic of Italy and must be interpreted accordingly. The Courts of Genova (Italy) are exclusively competent to deal with any disputes deriving from or related to these Terms and Conditions.