Closing ceremony


Piazzale delle Feste - PORTO ANTICO DI GENOVA
Sunday 19 June 2022 – from 21:00

MED SENIOR GAMES 2022 Closing Ceremony will take place at the Piazzale delle Feste del PORTO ANTICO DI GENOVA.


The Old Port of Genoa is the area where the first Genoa’s port activities arose. In occasion of the celebrations of the five hundredth anniversary of America’s discovery, the entire area of the Old Port was totally redeveloped on a project by the Architect Renzo Piano, in 1992.

It represents the heart of the city, the soul of the historic center and the largest square on the Mediterranean. It is an open space where tourism, culture, congresses, fairs, shows, sports, boating, catering and shopping meet every day.

Arriving at the bottom of the pier, where the Magazzini del Cotone are located, a step away from the Lanterna, Genoa and its Gulf let themselves be admired in all their beauty. In addition to the Aquarium, other attractions in the area are: the Bigo panoramic elevator, the Biosphere and the Children’s City.  

The Arena del Mare and the Piazza delle Feste host concerts by important Italian and International artists, exhibitions, festivals dedicated to all expressions of culture and art, cinema and shows of all kinds, which fill the Genoese evenings with lights and sounds and it is exactly in this Piazza delle Feste that MED SENIOR GAMES 2022 Closing Ceremony will be held.


The Closing Ceremony will be the perfect ending to such a majestic event, the evocative location on the Port will be the setting for a dancing evening under the tent of Piazza delle Feste with lights’ plays from the stage that are reflected on the water and a breathtaking view of the city overlooking the sea.